The Reno Tahoe Film Society is launching Northern Nevada's first ever major film festival this year.

The inaugural
is taking place this summer and it's got some big goals. Organizers say they want to establish it among the ranks of the famous film festivals like Sundance and ultimately earn consideration as an Oscar qualifying event.

They say there's a real opportunity here since there are so many independent filmmakers who need a place to show their work. "It's just such high-quality material, that we are really doing a service to the independent filmmakers as well as doing a service to those of us in Reno-Tahoe by bringing this work in so we can see it,” says Eric Rasmussen, Reno-Tahoe International Film Festival President.

The Reno-Tahoe International Film Festival will feature more than 50 short and full-length films at venues all across the area. Along with the movie-showings, they also plan to hold workshops, panels, parties, and an awards banquet.

They say Reno-Tahoe is the perfect choice to launch something like this because we're already set up as a convention town with plenty of meeting spaces and hotel rooms. It's good news for locals and for tourists. "It's going to be great for our local community of course, our arts community, and for people that just love movies to experience something like this and not have to travel to another city. And for people to come and see the quality of life and what we have to offer here in our city of Reno,” says Oscar Delgado, Vice-Mayor, City of Reno.

The film festival runs from June 4th through June 7th this summer.