As lawmakers consider changes to education policy, one local group will be working hard to convince them to focus more on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

The Nevada STEM Coalition works to raise awareness and build support for a bigger emphasis on those subjects.

As Nevada's economy diversifies and we welcome more technology companies to the area, we'll need qualified employees to work there. And right now, STEM Coalition officials say we don't have them.

"An unfortunate result of the No Child Left Behind act was there was so much emphasis put on getting our students to pass reading and math performance tests, that other subjects fell by the wayside, including science, the arts, even technology,” says Beth Wells, Nevada STEM Coalition Executive Director:

Wells says that's been the chief complaint among tech businesses in our area - that they have to spend money to either recruit from out of state or do extensive on-the-job training. She says many school districts are moving in the right direction, but a systemic change isn't as simple as just switching up the curriculum.

"Without the investment in the state for teacher training, quality teacher training, we are not going to be able to implement the new standards well enough to produce those skills."

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