Crews pulled two boys from a small icy lake in south Reno on Thursday afternoon.

One boy has died at Renown just after 6:30 p.m.

Crews responded to a small icy lake near South Meadows Parkway just after noon.

First responders say the lake isn't that deep where they found the 13-year-old boy, but the water is cold, and when hypothermia sets in, that can be dangerous. "Within just a few minutes, you're not thinking correctly. You're starting to lose control of your limbs, and you very quickly go underneath the water,” says Battalion Chief Nachtsheim.


Washoe County Search and Rescue worked with Reno Fire Water Rescue to find the boy.


Police say initially, there were three kids on the ice. One of them got back on the grass while the other two continued stayed on the ice. Eventually, they fell in, and one was able to get out and call 911, while the other was stuck in the water.


Washoe County Search and Rescue worked with Reno Fire Water Rescue to find the boy, who was pulled out after an estimated 40 minutes in the water.


Crews performed CPR on him while he was transported to the hospital.


Reno police are asking parents to talk to their kids about the dangers of being on the ice.


"We get this every year and we're just asking parents to be responsible and let your kids know the safety precautions when it comes to going on the ice. Especially since it has been warmer," says Officer Tim Broadway.

"It's crazy because I yell at these kids every day this time of year, 'get off the ice, it's dangerous,' and they go, 'yeah, we know,'" said Michael Reams, a witness. "And, they still do it. The sad part is, they're on the ice and throwing rocks down, trying to break the ice. I mean, that's double-crazy."