The Washoe County commission has chosen a former deputy director of the state health and human services department to fill a vacancy in the Nevada Assembly.

Commissioners voted Tuesday to appoint Democrat Amber Joiner to the Assembly District 24 seat. She replaces Democrat David Bobzien, who was appointed to the Reno City Council earlier this month. He filled a vacancy left when Councilmember Hillary Schieve was elected mayor.

"I'm thrilled and really humbled by the decision," Joiner said. "I'm looking forward to getting to work. We have a lot of work to do. The session starts in a month and I'm looking forward to working for the constituents and the district."

11 people applied to the seat. They included Ross Armstrong, Andrew Diss, Margaret Flint, Michael Guss, Erik Holland, Glenn Miller, Stephanie Schoen, Brad Summerhill, Matthew Tuma and Anne Marie Vierra.

Washoe County Commission Chairman David Humke says Joiner's experience was a deciding factor in the selection.

"She made an impression on everyone," Humke said. "She did it on paper and when she showed up in person, it just got better."

This is the third Nevada Legislature vacancy filled by an appointment in the past two months.

The Clark County Commission replaced two Republican lawmakers who took other jobs after November's election.

Nevada Assembly Democratic Leader Marilyn Kirkpatrick released the following statement regarding Amber Joiner's appointment to Assembly District 24.

"I want to first congratulate everyone who applied for the position in Assembly District 24; your commitment to public service is invaluable, and I look forward to working together with all of you during session. I am also excited to welcome Amber Joiner to the legislature and Assembly Democratic Caucus. Amber will be a fantastic public servant for Assembly District 24 as we head into the legislative session. We have a lot of work to do in the incoming session to adequately fund our schools and put Nevadans back to work;  I am confident that Amber will work on behalf of all constituents and put the needs of the community and the state above all else."

(The Associated Press also contributed to this report.)