The Washoe County School District Board of Trustees this week reached a settlement with former WCSD Police Chief Mike Mieras involving his termination this summer.

The Washoe County School District released this statement:

“The parties have reached an amicable resolution of Chief (Mike) Mieras' lawsuit against the Washoe County School District. The settlement was reached by all parties recognizing that litigation is expensive and outcomes are never a certainty. The Board of Trustees is anxious to focus their attention on School Board business and the upcoming legislative session without being distracted or preoccupied with litigation. Chief Mieras has served the District for 20 years, and his service to the Washoe County School District is recognized and appreciated. In light of the recent controversies, all parties agree that it is time to move forward and resolve this case on an amicable basis.”

Mieras was fired at the end of June, just 45 days shy of his 20-year mark with the district. That's one point his attorney said was suspect, because at 20 years, district employees qualify to receive a pension.

Mieras filed a lawsuit against the district in July calling his termination ‘suspect.' It alleged that the incident was in retaliation for bringing up accusations against now former WCSD Superintendent Pedro Martinez for ‘improper and/or illegal activities.'

In July, Board President Barbara Clark maintained his firing was part of an improvement process that involved restructuring several departments.