Feeding the hungry... It's something the
Food Bank of Northern Nevada
has been doing for decades providing vital nutrition to more than 130 agencies that support the needy like St. Vincents Food Pantry in Reno.

And the need in our community continues to grow.

"A lot of older people that just don't have enough...food," says volunteer Diane Leal.

"Whatever I don't use I give to other people that are more needier than I am," says Dusty Farnum of Reno.

"It's really important for the low income families, they really help out," says Isaac Ponce.


More than ever before, the Reno area is seeing children who don't know where their next meal is coming from.

"You know, it's tough not knowing how you're going to feed your children. Having this food, and the effort that the community puts forth is so great. They're so thankful and you can see the relief when they have something for their kids," says Cheryl Le, Child Nutrition Program Manager, Food Bank of Northern Nevada.

And every little bit helps - even one can of tuna fish or jar of peanut butter can make a difference.

"One day of gathering food all day, the community coming out,  will help feed families all through February," says Jocelyn Lantrip, Food Bank of Northern Nevada.


That one day is Channel 2's "Share Your Christmas" drive-by food drive - a day-long event that's been happening for 22 years.

"This is our largest food drive all year.  We look forward to it - everybody talks about it. If you hear people in the Food Bank talking about *the* food drive, it's Share Your Christmas.”


Right here, in our community there are men and women who work several jobs and still can't make ends meet.

"They put a look on their face, and you don't even see it,” says Le.

Lantrip adds, "We've been through some tough years, the past few years. The need has sky-rocketed and we couldn't have kept up if the community wasn't as generous as they are

And everything collected here, stays right here. The Food Bank of Northern Nevada provides more than 12 million meals every year.

Isaac Ponce, Reno visits food pantry once a month "It's a blessing. They're a real great help"

We hope you can come out and donate to our food drive this Friday. We'll be set up at the Grand Sierra Resort, the governor's mansion in Carson City and the Carson Valley Inn in Minden.


Stop by between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. and drop off some non-perishable food.


And if you're a business owner who wants to help collect food, give the food bank a call at 331-3663 extension 156 and they will get you set up with a food donation barrel.