First impressions are important when you put your home on the market. Ferrari-Lund Realtor, Candi Peek has a list of tips to help you stage your home for sale. She says prospective buyers make up their minds about your house even before they get out of the car. She encourages her clients to clean up their yards, shovel the snow, sweep porches and add some pots with fresh flowers to the entry. Once inside, she says clutter eats equity. Candi suggests purging closets and cupboards and removing personal items that make potential buyers feel like a guest in the home. The goal is to stage it so they can imagine themselves living there. Plus, there is nothing worse than stepping into a house that smells of smoke and pet odors. Candi says opening windows for at least 10 minutes a day will help to air out your home. This strategy works better than deodorizer. Along with fixing broken appliances, she says your single best investment may be a fresh coat of paint in key areas of your home. Also, remove unneeded furniture to make rooms look more spacious. Candi says the brighter and sunnier the space - the easier it is to sell, too. If possible, she encourages sellers to invest in a window-cleaning service because clean windows can brighten a home by as much as 30% compared to dirty windows. Candi also suggests showing your home with all the lights on.

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