Poll workers will tell you that voting was slow yet steady through early voting and on Election Day, but in the end that didn't add up to much of an overall voter turnout in Nevada or in Washoe County. According to the Secretary of State, the state turnout for the midterm election was just 45%. While the turnout in Washoe County was higher at 51%, that number still tied our lowest turnout in 20 years.

"Voter turnout was abysmal," said UNR Political Science Professor Eric Herzik. "And it wasn't like the Republicans showed up en masse...it was more that the Democrats just stayed home."

Herzik says that after distancing themselves from President Obama and his policies nationally, a lot of Democrats also distanced themselves from the polls here at home. And that helped Republicans get a foothold for a lot of statewide offices. Especially the close ones like the Attorney General's race where a Republican newcomer beat out a high-profile Democrat; the Lieutenant Governor's race, where a Sandoval-backed  Republican won against a Senator Harry Reid-backed Democrat and where Kate Marshall lost to Republican Barbara Cegavske.

"This is a major turnaround and it shows the major collapse of the Democratic party in Clark County," Herzik said. "Republicans are just more motivated to vote. And a lot of candidates seem to overlook the rural voters who are mostly Republican and who were really motivated in this election."

So that puts a lot of Republicans in leadership for the sate and Democrats basically focusing on 2016.