Hundreds of races across the state of Nevada will be settled on Tuesday. And while every race is important, a few have garnered the most eyes. Let's start with the top of the ticket. Since we have a popular governor running against a list of names few recognize, the big race in the state seems to be with the Lieutenant Governor. And that race pits State Assemblywoman Lucy Flores against State Senator Mark Hutchison. Hutchison has also had experience in the State Assembly and he has the governor's endorsement.

And 'if' Governor Sandoval was to run against U.S. Senator Harry Reid midterm, which has been highly rumored, and wins, the winner of tomorrow's race for Lieutenant Governor 'could' become Nevada's next governor. So the Lieutenant Governor's race is an unusually high profile race in this cycle.

The race for Attorney General is between Secretary of State Ross Miller and Adam Laxalt. This race has been bitterly fought through punches thrown on television advertisements for both.

The most highly debated race in Washoe County is for sheriff between Undersheriff Tim Kuzanek and Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper Chuck Allen. It's no secret that Kuzanek has outspent Allen. Even so, the race remains tight the day before the election.

Voters in Reno will decide who will be their next mayor. Councilwoman Hillary Shieve is running against local businessman Ray Pezonella.

And there are three statewide questions on the ballot. The most hotly debated is Question #3. Educators call it the 'Education Initiative' as it would collect money for education in the state. Businesses call it a margin tax. But there are a lot of ways that money could be diverted from education and it could cause more harm to business than help education.

If you need to find your polling location, head to the
. You can also check your voting history, and view a sample ballot.

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