Early voting comes to an end Friday and Election Day itself is a week away. If you are not voting, then why not?

A new campaign called, ‘Big Vote, Little Excuse' wants to get people voting by showing that some excuses not to vote are just ridiculous.

“We wanted to do something fun,” said Paul Klein, Board Member of the Biggest Little City Movement. “What's fun about the whole voting experience is that people have this little excuse that doesn't really make sense. That's what we played off of.”

The Biggest Little City Movement's campaign has a simple message: votes count, and excuses don't.  It is all about encouraging people to cast their ballot.

Some ‘excuses' include:

“The dog ate my sample ballot”

“I had a bad hair day”

“I'm allergic to responsibility”

“Tuesday's don't work for me”

‘Big Vote, Little Excuse' is a full on media blitz with ads playing on local television and radio stations, as well as bumper stickers, and leaflets.

Klein says the Biggest Little City Movement wanted to take a more positive and fun approach to the elections because voting is easy to do, he says.

So what about the excuse of, “I'm not going to vote because my vote doesn't count”?

Klein says  midterm elections is where votes count the most, as the outcome of some races are determined by a small vote difference.

“This is a big turnover in the leadership that has driven this county and this city for 12 years,” said Klein. “It's important people put their voices out there.”

The Biggest Little City Movement is looking for even move volunteers to hand out some flyers this weekend. If you would like to participate, you can send your information to