has released results from a poll concerning next month's margin tax ballot measure.  

The CBS affiliate reports that the SurveyUSA poll currently shows that ‘no' is leading ‘yes' 49% to 34%, while 17% remain undecided.

states: ‘Shall the Nevada Revised Statutes be amended to create a 2% tax to be imposed on a margin of the gross revenue of entities doing business in Nevada whose total revenue for any taxable year exceeds $1 million, with the proceeds of the tax going to the State Distributive School Account to be apportioned among Nevada's school districts and charter schools?'

The measure would require businesses that gross more than $1 million in revenue to pay a 2% tax. Proponents say it will generate $650-$750 million for public education per year. While Question 3 is backed by the education union claiming it would fund education, there is no guarantee in the question that the money would indeed be earmarked for education.  

Opponents to Question 3 say some businesses owners could have negative profits, and still have to pay the tax. While others say the tax could cripple small businesses and hurt the economic recovery,  saying it would hit 80-90% of the companies that are hiring workers.

KLAS says young voters and Hispanics supported the tax while Republicans and conservatives remain against it.

KLAS says SurveyUSA polled 772 registered voters statewide by phone, paper questionnaire or electronic device from October 18th through October 21st. The margin of error is 4.1%.

The General Election is Tuesday, November 4th. Nevadans can early vote until October 31st.