Bob Cashell's third and final term as Reno's mayor is coming to a close, and his last full city council meeting will be on Wednesday. The Biggest Little City has a much different view than when he took office, 12 years ago. Things like the train trench changed the landscape, while the completion of the homeless shelter has changed lives.

"I'm real proud of the homeless shelter," Cashell said. "I'm real proud of the train trench, the remodeling of Virginia Street and getting rid of the pavers, putting in a lot of candy cane lights, downtown, and trees."

Cashell and the city council saw the completion of the whitewater park, in downtown Reno. Moana Stadium was replaced by soccer fields, and a new ballpark was built, bringing Triple-A baseball to town, in 2009. 

"I think having the Aces come to town has really added to the quality of life for our citizens and also our visitors. It gives them something else to do."

But Cashell says the city council deserves a lot of the credit.

"It's really been a team effort," Cashell said. "No one individual has done anything because whoever is going to be the next mayor has got to realize it takes four votes to get anything done. You don't have a veto power."

The current mayor and city council has 44 years of combined experience. The next group will have a total of eight years when they take office, next month.  Cashell has some advice for them.

"Keep going the way they've been going, doing things," Cashell said. "Be positive, keep positive growth growing. Keep positive businesses coming to town."

Cashell says he has no plans to slow down. The 76-year-old already has a few job offers but says he'll take a little break before he goes back to work.

"I'm going to take a few days off and relax, sit back, and don't have to answer the phone or have someone call me up, screaming at me except my wife," Cashell joked.


Bob and his wife, Nancy are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this week. During tomorrow's city council meeting, Cashell will receive Congressional recognition for his service as mayor. He was also recently awarded the public official of the year by the league of municipalities.