The community celebrated the life and legacy of Carolyn Jean Carlon at a gathering in west Reno Thursday morning.

She lived a life that meant a lot to a lot of people here.

"A wonderful lady, a kind lady and a wonderful public servant,” says Richard Kirkland, former Washoe County Sheriff.

Carolyn Carlon was a mother, a grandmother, a foster grandmother, a crisis call center volunteer, a school volunteer and a real part of history.

"She was one of the first if not the first policewomen to accept the responsibility of patrolling the streets in Reno and in our great state,” says Chief Steven Pitts, Reno Police Department.

She joined the Reno Police Department in 1965 and served more than 20 years there.

She was tenacious and dedicated. And she broke down barriers that paved the way for women in law enforcement everywhere.

“She took the department by storm and was a beautiful person,” says Kirkland.

And she had a colorful character alright. She always did what she wanted to when she wanted to do it.

"The comments in her review were ‘she doesn't like to wear her hat' and ‘she likes talking on the radio a little too much',” laughed Pitts.

But she was dedicated to her work.

“She worked the Jaycee Lee Dugard case and the Cathy Woods murder and some of the big cases in California and she loved kids,” says Kirkland.

She also loved her family, there to say goodbye today.

Her 89 years of life left them a lot of memories and gave the community a legacy that will live on.