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Someone 2 Know: Health 2 Humanity

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Four Business and Economics Majors at Chapman University are working to change the lives of millions of people around the world. One of the young men who started ‘Health 2 Humanity' is from our area. John Cefalu is not only a South Tahoe High School grad, the 19-year-old entrepreneur is now also a soap-making expert.

John and his Chapman University buddies have been known to burn the midnight oil making soap. They have perfected their hand-crafted, high-quality soap and are now sharing the recipe with others around the globe. “We are selling our product and for every hygiene product that is purchased, we will be providing resources and business training to underprivileged youth all over the world in developing countries to make and sell their own hygiene products. This will truly focus on their own self-sustainability, lifting their town, village, or family out of poverty. On top of this training, purchases also provide each child in the orphanage soap for the rest of his or her time in the orphanage.”

John and his roommate, Daniel Cruz, traveled to Kenya earlier this year to launch this effort. They set up mini factories there and started teaching business practices to some eager, young adults, who have aged-out of their orphanages. The young adults then sell the bars for roughly $1 a piece in Africa and donate a bar to their affiliated orphanage or village. John's roommate, Daniel Cruz, says this provides the young people with a hand-up as opposed to a handout. "More than just giving them a bar of soap and walking away… it's teaching them to fish.” Health 2 Humanity provides the ingredients needed, the training and even salaries to several people in Africa. H2H hopes to hire a couple more next year. To do that, the non-profit needs grow its revenue here in the states. To help sell the H2H soap or buy some, log onto You can also find H2H on Facebook and Twitter.

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