Cyber security is a huge issue in this day and age... especially with so many Northern Nevadans going online for work, shopping even to connect with others.

So, in tonight's Safety Watch Q & A, learn how cyber security risks that can threaten your identity and privacy.


And more importantly -- how to keep from becoming a victim of identity theft.


Detective Sergeant, Dennis Carry - with the Washoe County Sheriff's Office Cyber Crimes unit - is taking your calls between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. tonight at 858-2222.

Tip #1: keeping your computer protected with the basics by installing anti-malware protection and keeping it updated. Mal-ware still poses one of the biggest risks to you and your information.

Tip #2: don't use the same user ID and password combinations across all systems and websites. Try to match the user ID and or the password to a specific application. If a hacker can gain access to one of your passwords, chances are he/she can then access most - if not all of your logins.

Tip #3: make sure your computer is configured securely. For example, settings in your web browser, such as Internet Explorer or FireFox, will determine what happens when you visit websites on the internet - the strongest security settings will give you the most control over what happens online.

Tip #4: if given a choice, never allow an online business to store your financial information. Often, under the auspices of convenience, companies will offer to store your information for future transactions. This information may be stored at the servers of the business, their cloud provider, or hidden on your system somewhere.

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