Tonight's Money Watch Q and A guest can help you shorten your to-do list and save you money.

Bobby Vaunn owns ‘Reno On The Go Delivery', which is a local grocery shopping and delivery service. Bobby says the service can save you money on groceries by keeping your cupboards full, cutting down on eating out expenses, saving gas money and eliminating impulse buying. Hired shoppers will go to the grocery store of your choosing and will pick up the specifically requested items, or they can simply search for the lowest prices.

The cost to use this service is 20% of your gross receipt; however, the customer must spend at least $100. There is also a $10 delivery fee. Seniors, people with disabilities and veterans receive a discounted rate.

‘Reno On The Go Delivery' will drop off groceries right to your door and even help put them away upon request at no additional charge.

You can use a secure online order form to create your grocery list at or call-in your order at (775) 345-3446.

If you have questions about this service, call Bobby on our Money Watch Q and A lines during Channel 2 News at 5. Dial (775) 858-2222 between 5-6 p.m.