Was it a plane? Was it a star? Could it have been space debris, or even the space station passing over? That's what folks who were up early this morning were asking today after they saw a bright light fly over Northern Nevada and disappear. So we checked with the Fleischmann Planetarium, the Navy, and Air bases in Nevada and California.

On FaceBook people from Golden Valley to Minden posted about it. And two amateur astronomers in town took a look at our video for us.

Jay Lawson and Adam Kremers watched that video here at Channel 2.

"That is not a meteor," Lawson said.

"It looks more like a rocket, doesn't it?" said Kremers.

"Yeah, look at that plume," Lawson said.

"Definitely man-made," said Kremers.

And late this afternoon the Navy confirmed it was rockets. They say that three Trident II missiles were launched from a submarine off the coast of Southern California just before 6 a.m. Friday morning. Mystery solved.

Written by Erin Breen