The list of legal problems for the Washoe School District grew this morning as the State Attorney General's Office filed six counts each against the six trustees involved in the Pedro Martinez suit.  But the school board's outside counsel says he began working on settlement in that matter last Wednesday and is able to file it immediately.

The suit alleges the trustees made six different violations to the State Open Meeting Law and that they should be paying $500 per violation. Those violations included everything from discussing Pedro Martinez while he was in the room, to offering him money twice, to announcing to staff and the media that he had been relieved of his duties.

School District outside counsel Kent Robison said he was able to get all six trustees involved onboard to pay $250 a violation to get passed it. 

"That's $1500 in fines each. It won't come from insurance or from taxpayers. "They will each have to dig into their pockets and the purses and ante up the money personally," Robison said.

He also said that he received an e-mail from the Attorney General's Office agreeing that once the fines were paid those charges would be dropped.

We contacted the Attorney General's Office as well and have not heard back.

But even once that part of the suit is settled there is still the suit against Pedro Martinez. It is set for a settlement hearing before September 22nd.