Labor Day is one of the busiest travel days of the year at the Reno Tahoe International Airport, primarily because of Burning Man. More than 17,000 burners are expected to travel through Reno's gates over the next few days.

A lot of their bags and clothes, though, are covered in dust.

“Once it gets into things, it tends not to get off very easily,” said Chris Chervin,  burner from Washington D.C.

Southwest Airlines and other airlines are making all dirty bags take a flight back home in plastic ones. It's an effort to protect the airport's baggage belts.

“We need to keep it clean,” said Heidi Jared, spokesperson for the airport. “All of that fine playa dust would bog downs the system. It would clog up those bag belts.”

The airport also has large containers to collect extra Burning Man waste.

“I'm getting rid of some costume pieces,” said Jennifer Griffen from Cleveland. “On Tutu Tuesday, I wore this, and then some wings I wore to a white party.”