While the Washoe School District Trustees try and solve their legal problems with both their Superintendent and their former School Police Chief those outraged by all but one of the trustees are moving forward with their own effort to recall them. They have gotten legal advice, organized, researched, taken public polls and are moving toward a recall.  But they also will be seizing the opportunity of the November election for one change.

"We have got to do this right. There is an election in November and we plan to launch a vigorous campaign to unseat Barbara Clark," Di Loretto said. "And we plan to help organize and fund the campaign for Nick Smith who is running against her. He is young but he's smart and know he can do a good job."

Hispanic Community Leader Leslie Mix supports that move and sees that more changes need to be made.

"Some of the trustees still have a small window to apologize and step down. And they need to apologize to this community and to the superintendent and move aside so we can move ahead."

And Di Loretto says they are also considering a public awareness campaign to educate the public statewide.

"What it comes down to," he says, "is that we need to keep it in the public's mind how important an elected position to the school board is. If we don't have the right people on the school board we now see how devastating it can be for the community."