Keeping people out of harms way...letting them know when it's safe to return home...and working tirelessly to keep them informed - in times that test us all.

"We really can get out there and help our communities in times of crisis."

To Lawson Fox - that's our mission.

As general manager of KTVN Channel 2 News, Lawson has dedicated decades to serving Northern Nevada viewers.

His career in broadcasting, however, started well before he took the helm at the CBS affiliate in Reno.

In 1975 shortly after graduating from the University of Tennessee with a broadcast management degree Lawson took a job as a broadcast engineer in his hometown of Chattanooga.

"My first job was to get up in the morning and drive to the top of the mountain for
and turn the transmitter on every morning."

But it afforded Lawson future opportunities - like running a studio camera.

Lawson moved up the ranks quickly.  

He moved to
for a management position...

Sarkes Tarzian bought that station in 1982 and Lawson's worked for the company ever since.

"It's great to be able to work by strong people, smart people and people who really love what they do."

In 1991, Lawson - promoted again - accepted a general manager position at sister station,

So, he packed up -- with the love of his life, Betsy - who he met in high school. "She's been great for me; great for my life."

And proven to be one who sticks with a good thing - he brought out his 1964 MGB too. "Betsy and I dated in that car in high school and college... and so, yeah, I've still got it."

Twenty-three years later Lawson continues to navigate the ever-changing industry of broadcast news.

"Our capabilities are greater than ever. The digital age, the ability to go anywhere and be live and turn things around quickly."

Which proved crucial during the New Year's flood of '97.

"You couldn't drive here. You couldn't leave town. Every freeway was blocked. So we had to get a helicopter to bring in stuff to keep us all going and bring in toothbrushes and things like that. But we delivered."

And Lawson continues to do so when he lobbies lawmakers in Washington, D.C. on behalf of the
to ensure Nevada's broadcast industry has a voice - in this heavily regulated industry.


His work behind the scenes allows us to share the daily stories of our community and provide coverage our viewers can count on.

"To see our station - and broadcasting in general - respond to that and keep people safe and give people the information they need - is the most satisfying thing to me."

And Lawson, on behalf of all of us at Channel 2 - congratulations.