More than a week after Pedro Martinez was let go as Washoe County School Superintendent, the Board of Trustees are now asking him to come back to work.

According to two letters by the School Board President, Barbara Clark and their attorney, they made the decision because the action they took last Tuesday is now void because of an open meeting violation.

Martinez tells Channel 2 News that he will return to work Friday. 

"I want to make sure we have a good start of the year," he said. "I want to make sure we can salvage the beginning of the year. So, I feel I owe it to the community, and I owe it to our students and staff to be back."

Martinez said late Thursday that the lawsuits filed against the school board and the Washoe County School District will still move forward. 

"We are not giving up our rights about the violation as a breach of my contract as well as the violation of the open meeting law," he said.

He says he will also have a conversation with the school board to ensure a hostile free work environment.

"I'm hoping we can reconcile in the future," he said. "In the meantime, I just feel like I have to protect my rights." 

The Washoe County School District Trustees sent a letter to Martinez’s attorney asking him to return to work immediately.

It says:

Dear Bill:

According to your version of last Tuesday’s events, my clients made a decision or took action concerning Superintendent Martinez’s employment contract in violation of the Open Meeting Law. If your accusation is true, whatever “action” that was taken is void. I have no reason to disagree and concur that whatever “action” that was taken last Tuesday with regard to your client’s contract is void pursuant to NRS 241.036.
Accordingly, my clients respectfully ask that Superintendent Martinez resume his duties and responsibilities immediately.

Yours very truly,
Kent R. Robison


In response, Board President Barbara Clark sent this statement:

“The events and circumstances surrounding last week’s discussions had more to do with attitude, demeanor and lack of cooperation than it did with certifications and diplomas.

On advice from outside counsel, and because of the position taken by the media and Superintendent Martinez, the Board understands that last week’s actions may be void under Nevada law. Rather than debate this complicated issue, we have agreed that last week’s events are void. Superintendent Martinez was never terminated or fired as Superintendent of the Washoe County School District, and we expect him to return to work and fulfill his responsibilities and duties immediately. We are hopeful that Superintendent Martinez’s future communications and interactions with the Board be more cordial and civility can be restored.

We are trying to schedule a Public Board of Trustees Meeting for August 15, 2014, at which time Superintendent Martinez’s contract and performance thereunder will be addressed publicly.”

Barbara Clark


Last week, the board let go of Martinez after a closed-door meeting. Martinez said he was accused of lying about his credentials as a certified public accountant. One day later, Trustees announced instead he was on administrative leave with pay.

Since then, Martinez and the Washoe County School District have each filed lawsuits. 

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