Hundreds of people attended Tuesday's Washoe County School District Trustees meeting in Reno to discuss their concerns about Pedro Martinez's abrupt ousting last week.

Board President Barbara Clark announced late last week she was pulling specific agenda discussion concerning the ousted superintendent for Tuesday’s regularly scheduled meeting. But, trustees still listened to public comment concerning the issue.

"Why should we believe in you? Resign or face a recall," Mike Frommer told the trustees.

Businessman Perry Di Loreto added, "There's a lot gonna come out of this. What you did in on afternoon will be costly."

Martinez has filed two separate lawsuits against the school district for violating open meeting laws and for breach of contract after the board relieved him from his superintendent duties during a closed door meeting held a few days earlier.

Martinez maintains he was fired last Tuesday. One day after, district authorities clarified Martinez’s termination to say he instead was on paid administrative leave.

Clark says the school board will schedule a separate public meeting in August to discuss Martinez’s leave. The date, time, and location of that meeting will be announced at a later date.

Martinez wasn't the only focus of Tuesday's comments. A lot of people came out in support of fired school police chief Mike Mieras and against Martinez's action in firing him with no apparent reason. Mieras told the board, "I've asked you as a board and never been told or given a proper hearing."

Megan Long added, "He'll be the first one to reach out when a student needs help. And he continues to follow up with families. He makes them feel supported through graduations."

Nevada First Lady Kathleen Sandoval also spoke, against the board's decision to oust Martinez.

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