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Night in the Country Music Festival Raises Money for Local Youth

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It's about country music and camping ... and this year more than 12,000 people made their way to "Night in the Country" to have a good time, but really it's about raising money for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley.

“We started this off 13 years ago and we had 900 people show up here and it got us to believe we might be on to a little something,” says Travis Crowder, Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley.

That little something has since exploded into a huge happening. "Night in the Country" now raises almost $500,000 for their three club locations. It takes 560 volunteers to run the 3 day event, and an entire year to organize.

“Yeah, it's one of the most exciting and greatest things to see is when you actually see all the fans here and supporting the club, it's amazing,” says Tiffani Creedon, Festival Director for NITC.

Big name bands attract the country music fans, big wide open spaces draw in the campers - and then there's the party atmosphere - day or night.

Yerington does benefit financially from the event - the impact of an extra 13,000 people probably leaves the small town with a headache, but “you have Scolari's selling out of ice, selling out of Gatorade, selling out of beer. You have McDonalds where people are going to breakfast everyday,” says Nick Beaton, Public Relations Coordinator for NITC.

And every bit of profit goes to benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley include Yerington, Silver Springs and Dayton.      
Organizers say plans are already in the works to bring night in the country back next summer.

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