Hot August Nights is expected to bring in thousands of people from across the United States and even beyond. But when they are in town, where do they go? Area hotels are expecting a busy week.

“It’s a little over 1,400 rooms,” said Randy Kennedy with JA Nugget. “They will pretty much be full all through the weekend.”

Monday morning, the resort saw a steady stream of people checking in.

Atlantis Casino Resort Spa reports they will be packed this week too.

"We are pretty much booked,” said Tracie Barnthouse. “There are a couple of room nights available here and there but for the most part, we are pretty much at full capacity.”

David Hafen has been coming to
since 1997 from Alturas, California. He realizes the impact the event has on the economy.

“We come here and spend a quite a bit of money and it’s well spent,” said Hafen. “It supports the economy and it’s good for the economy I’m sure.”