Hours after ousted superintendent Pedro Martinez filed two lawsuits against the Washoe County School District and Board of Trustees, Board President Barbara Clark sent out this statement:

From the Washoe County School District: 

The Board of Trustees of the Washoe County School District understands the concern of the public regarding the situation involving the superintendent, and we apologize for any undue stress this may have caused our community.

We were driven by genuine concern for our District and the 63,000 students whose education has been entrusted to us. We are dedicated to continuing our conversation with the community, moving forward in a measured, transparent way while sharing information as we are able.

To clarify some information:

* Superintendent Martinez is on administrative leave with pay. This has been his status since Tuesday, July 22.

* I have pulled Agenda item 3.01 from the Board meeting agenda for Tuesday, July 29. Rescheduling this item will allow members of the community more time to arrange their schedules in order to attend and provide input. Anyone wishing to attend the meeting on July 29 will be—as at any other Board meeting—afforded the opportunity to provide public comment regarding this issue, or any other issue, at the beginning and end of the agenda.

* The Board of Trustees will schedule a public meeting in August to discuss the matter. The date, time, and location of that meeting will be announced soon.

* With respect to any Open Meeting Law questions: Due to concerns raised by the public regarding the Open Meeting Law, the District contacted the Attorney General’s office this week for an opinion, but was told that the Attorney General could not provide any guidance or feedback until a complaint was filed.

We look forward to working together with staff, parents, guardians, and our community at large as we address our concerns and move ahead with plans for taking the Washoe County School District from good to great. We value public input, as it provides us with guidance and feedback that we need as we go on together.

The District reassures the public that its number one priority remains our children, staff, families, and our community.

From the Washoe County School District