To complement Artown, the City of Reno’s Parking for a Purpose project will collect donations for Parks, Recreation, and Community Services maintenance. 

The project officially kicks off late Friday afternoon when artist Michael Lucido will paint a parking meter at Moana Springs Recreation Complex.

Three other meters are currently installed, one in Barbara Bennett Park and two in Wingfield Park, and will be decorated by artists in the coming weeks.

Public Works staff will empty the digital meters, which explain the program and thank participants for their donations. They will also track contributions to the PRCS Department.

Councilmember Hillary Schieve initiated the program, which was unanimously approved at the June 11, 2014 Reno City Council meeting.

Artists will be paid $800 total ($200 per meter) out of the Public Art Fund. More meters could be installed in the future as city resources allow.

(The City of Reno contributed to this report.)