From the Washoe County School District:

Effective immediately, Pedro Martinez has been relieved of his duties as superintendent of the Washoe County School District. We are in discussions with Mr. Martinez, and for legal reasons, we cannot share specific details.

For a short period of time, as the Board of Trustees considers its options, the District will be led by co-managers-Deputy Superintendent Traci Davis, who will oversee educational programs, and Chief of Staff Kristen McNeill, who will oversee operations.


The structure remains in place for the daily operations of the school district, and our 8,000 employees remain dedicated-as they always have been-to the education and well-being of our 63,000 students.

The Board of Trustees' primary responsibility is the governance of the school district, while keeping the trust of the public, and above all, ensuring the well-being of our children and staff.

As always, we thank the community for its support, and we will share information as we are able.

From the Washoe County School District


We reached out to Board of Trustees member Estela Gutierrez who was one of Martinez' biggest proponents during the interview process.


She says she is upset and surprised by the decision and wasn't at Tuesday's meeting.

"I'm shocked and I'm just really saddened that I did not have that opportunity to be there in that discussion. This is something critical and I felt that this is just too rapid."


Gutierrez says she can't disclose personnel issues.

She did say the reason behind the firing is a "specific incident" although she would not classify it as criminal.

However, KTVN Channel 2 News caught up with Martinez who told us he was let go after he was accused of lying to the district about his credentials as a certified public accountant. He says he showed officials a copy of his certificate from the University of Illinois.

"I said the confusion is that I'm not a licensed certified public accountant because I've never needed that," Martinez said. "A license is required if you're going to sign audit reports."

He also says he never added anything in his resume that would signify his C.P.A. status. Nonetheless, he claims the school district wanted to terminate his contract.

"They offered to pay me money," he said. "They said, 'we'll cut you a check today,' and I said, 'frankly, I didn't do anything wrong.'"

He says if the district wanted to go in a different direction, he understands, but that there should have been a much longer process before he was relieved of his duties as superintendent.

"My contract is very clear that if they want to charge me with something, they're supposed to give me 10 days notice," Martinez said. "Give me a public hearing with a lawyer."

Now, both sides are preparing for what's next.

"The board will gather shortly at a future date to decide if there will be an interim, and what our next steps will be," said Barbara Clark, President of the Washoe County School District Board of Trustees.

"They have an attorney working their side," Martinez said. "I have no choice but to get an attorney and just see how everything plays out."

We're still waiting to get confirmation from the school district on why Martinez was let go.