Elliot Malin is a graduate student at the University of Nevada and has studied political science, economics and the Arab Israeli conflict. He has family there. And he just returned from a trip to Jerusalem. That made him the perfect person to talk about the situation there.

"It is sad that the world is not recognizing the terrorists in Hamas. Obviously I am pro-Israel but what is happening with Hamas is just wrong."

He says that every morning he checks his phone for where bombs have hit.

"I have this app called the Red Alert that shows me exactly where the bombs are headed. If the Iron Dome technology there is not going to be able to stop them this app shows that and gives people warning to get out. I check it all the time because I have family and friends there that I worry about," he says.

Just two weeks ago he made his way though the same airport that was hit by a Hamas bomb on Tuesday.

"One thing to keep in mind is that their bombs are not very good. So some don't even make it over the border. Those that do are destructive but at least they don't all make it. It is a scary situation and I think that the United Nations is going to have to do better with a united front to stop it."

He says he does intend to go back, however, not anytime soon.