If you have items to sell or if you are looking for deals to buy, you might consider the new, hyper-local website:
. Why the name Frauc? It is the combination of Free and Auction. Carson City’s Anthony Sullivan launched Frauc.com this year and says it is completely free to use. It is an online marketplace where you can buy, sell, auction or promote items within a 100-mile radius.

Anthony describes Frauc.com as a combination of great features found on other commerce websites. "I thought it was a really good idea. I didn't know why someone hasn't thought of it yet?" Unlike eBay, it is free and unlike Craigslist, you can rate and provide feedback about the folks with whom you've done business. "Really borrowing features from both of them is what made this site what it is." With most shopping sites, items are shipped to you with little accountability, says Anthony. For that reason, he says he has eliminated online payment and shipping from Frauc.com. Since the website is meant for local exchanges, you can contact the buyer or seller on an internal message board to arrange meeting plans and discuss payment. It is a private safety tool. The website also allows you to flag a user. “Used with discretion, flags allow Frauc to make sure everyone is playing in the sandbox nicely. Flagging can be done from an item page.”

How do you decide whether you should sell or auction off a particular item? Anthony says sales are great for items that are worth something, but not in high demand. Auctions are for the high demand items that are either difficult to come by or one of a kind. You'd rather get the premium price than sell to the first bidder.

In conjunction with Frauc.com, Anthony also started
. It is designed to help plan and promote community-wide garage sales, so that organizers can expect ample foot traffic. A few community-wide events are scheduled into next month. There is still availability to sign up. You will receive signage and online promotion for just $5 and a portion of that registration fee will benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northern Nevada. The dates and locations are as follows:

-Minden/Gardnerville: July 26th

-Sparks: July 26th

-Reno: August 9th

-Carson City: August 16th