If your kids have outgrown the traveling trampolines and the mobile bounce houses and you're looking for the next big thing, how about a mobile video game theater? Say, one with multiple screens, and enough room for 28 players at a time. Well, there's only one game in town for that right now. Level Up Curbside Gaming.

"It started when we wanted to have a video game party for our son Dylan," says owner Jeff Seibel. "We couldn't find anything in the area that catered to that. So we decided to start a business of our own."

They had the unit built in North Carolina then drove there to pick it up.

"We made a family vacation out of it," says Sharon Seibel. "It was so funny, Dylan just ran up and hugged it. He said it was the best day of his life!"

A lot of kids have had a pretty emotional reaction to it.

"There's never a shortage of kids when you open up a van like this," Jeff says.

They are focusing on kids 8 and up, but say they've even had interest in parties for groups of adults, a boys night out or sports fans. Right now they go from Fallon to Lake Tahoe, but Jeff says he can see expanding with more units in the near future.  And they both say that the $70,000 investment has been worth it. 

"It was scary going from 30 years in the corporate world to taking a leap of faith," Jeff says. "But it was time for a change and it seemed like the right move to go into entrepreneurial."

You can find information on rates and bookings on their website at www.levelupNV.com