, or CAAW as it is known, exists for one bring an end to family violence in Washoe County.

“It's a huge problem and it's hugely under reported.”

Candace is one of CAAW's clients. She says when she left her abusive situation she had nothing - and felt broken. “It helped to know that you weren't alone. You had somebody that could help you, that you had somewhere to go.”

“We are here, we operate a 24/7 volunteer hotline at 329-4150 and we encourage people just to call and talk to someone and start to explore the resources that are available to them in the community,” says Denise Yoxsimer.

Those resources include clothes, shoes, toys and most importantly - a place to live.  

On Wednesday, Nevada Women's Fund gave CAAW nearly $51,000 to help the organization continue to thrive.

“The Committee to Aid Abused Women, or CAAW meets a very important need that is also a mission of the Women's Fund and that is to inspire achievement in women and their families,” says Isabelle Rodriguez Wilson,

“It's not easy, it's hard, but as long as you're willing to work your butt off to better your future - you can do it, they give you every opportunity.”

The money donated today by Nevada Women's Fund will be used for a new program called "Project Next Step" - it's for families that are ready to transition out of emergency housing.

“When they're not in a crisis mode, when they are more stable and secure and in a place to carry their full rent after those three months.”

Candace says if it hadn't been for CAAW she may have easily ended up right back in the abusive situation she was in. “I'm able to go to school, work a part time job and still have time with my son. It means everything to be able to give him the future he deserves.”

The Committee to Aid Abused Women is a non-profit organization. 

If you would like to help, they are always in need of clothes, shoes, household items and financial support.