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Reno Rodeo 7th Performance

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 Reno Rodeo Release


In over 25 years of running barrels, and earning titles at rodeos across the nation, Sherry Cervi had a first at the Reno Rodeo last year.

Cervi, from Marana, Ariz., earned her first set of championship spurs at last year’s Reno Rodeo. She did that aboard a borrowed horse and gave the spurs to his owners. This year she is back riding her own horse and with her two runs on Thursday, she is second in the overall standings and will be back for Saturday night’s final round.

Cervi stopped the clock in 17.33 seconds during slack, came back during the performance with a 17.02 and has a total of 34.36 seconds. Christine Laughlin from Pueblo, Colo., leads with a 34.28.Cervi is also placing in both preliminary rounds of competition and stands to win a pocketful of money here if she and her horse put together one more great run. 

The first round of bareback riding and saddle bronc riding are complete and some cowboys have already pocketed good checks at the 95th annual Reno Rodeo. Both of those event winners are from Oregon. In the bareback riding, Pendleton’s R.C. Landingham was 85 points on Flying U Rodeo’s Lil Red Hawk. That netted him $3,679, very important for the former collegiate champion who is making a bid for his first Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (NFR). He is currently 13th in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association world standings. The top 15 will make the trip to Las Vegas next December to compete for world titles.

In the saddle bronc riding, rancher Ryan MacKenzie from Jordan Valley earned $3,399 for his 83-point ride on Big Bend Rodeo’s Crash Gate. MacKenzie is also trying to move up in the world standings and qualify for his first NFR. He is 14th in the world standings.

The eighth performance begins at 7 p.m. Friday. At that time all of the preliminary round winners and finals qualifiers will be determined. Tickets are available at or by calling 800-325-7328. For more information, please call 775-329-3877.
RENO, NEV., June 26, 2014 --- Following are unofficial results from the Reno Rodeo:

Seventh Performance --

Bareback Riding:  1 Kyle Bowers, Calgary, Alberta, 81 points on Flying Five Rodeo’s #145. 2, David Peebles, Redmond, Ore., 79. 3, (tie) Taylor Price, Huntsville, Texas, and Richmond Champion, The Woodlands, Texas, 78 each.

Steer Wrestling:  1, Charles Harris, Salinas, Calif., 4.1 seconds. 2, Tooter Silver, Quitman, Ark., 4.7. 3, Riley Hamilton, Preston, Idaho, 5.6. 4, (tie) Sterling Lambert, Fallon, Nev., and Blaine Jones, Templeton, Calif., 6.1.
Team Roping: 1, Tyler Wade, Terrell, Texas, and Kinney Harrell, Marshall, Texas, 4.5 seconds. 2, Seth Hall, Albuquerque, N.M., and Bruce Reidhead, Taylor, Ariz., 5.1. 3, Tom Richards, Humboldt, Ariz., and Monty Joe Petska, Turlock, Calif., 6.0. 4, Tyler Waters, Stephenville, Texas, and Cody Doescher, Oklahoma City, Okla., 6.6.   
Saddle Bronc Riding:  1, Will Smith, Marshall, Mo., 82 points on Flying Five Rodeo’s #214. 2, Samuel Kelts, Millarville, Alberta, 77. 3, (tie) Hardy Braden, Welch, Okla., and Curtis Garton, New Zealand, 76 each. 
Tie-Down Roping:  1, Garrett Hale, Snyder, Texas, 11.0 seconds. 2, Nate Baldwin, Blackfoot, Idaho, 13.4. 3, Reese Riemer, Stinnett, Texas, 22.7. 4, Clint Arave, Blackfoot, Idaho, 24.0.

Barrel Racing:  1, Sherry Cervi, Marana, Ariz., 17.03. 2, Megan McLeod, Star, Idaho, 17.12. 3, Lita Scott, Reno, Nev., 17.45. 4, Tibba Smith, Stephenville, Texas, 17.55.
Bull Riding: 1, Ty Pozzobon, Merritt, British Columbia, 84 points on Growney Brother’s What A Ball. 2, Shane Proctor, Grand Coulee, Wash., 83. 3, Steve Woolsey, Payson, Utah, 76. 4, Dylan Vick, Escalon, Calif., 71.


Bareback Riding:  First Round Winners:  1, R.C. Landingham, 85 points on Flying U Rodeo’s Lil Red Hawk, $3,679. 2, Kaycee Feild, Spanish Fork, Utah, 84, $2,820. 3, Jessy Davis, Power, Mont., 83, $2,085. 4, (tie) Austin Foss, Terrebonne, Ore.; Josi Young, Buhl, Idaho;  and Joel Schlegel, Burns, Colo., 82 and $940 each. 7, (tie) Morgan Heaton, Paradise, Utah; Seth Hardwick, Laramie, Wyo.; and Kyle Bowers, Calgary, Alberta, 81, $286. Second Round:  1, (tie) Austin Foss, Terrebonne, Ore., on Rosser Rodeo’s Flood Light and Justin McDaniel, Porum, Okla., on Rosser Rodeo’s Diamonds, 85 points each. 3,  George Gillespie IV, Placerville, Calif., 84. 4, (tie) Jared Smith, Eastland, Texas, and Kaycee Field, Spanish Fork, Utah, 82. 6, Will Lowe, Canyon, Texas, 81. Total on two: 1,  Austin Foss, Terrebonne, Ore., 167. 2, Kaycee Feild, Spanish Fork, Utah, 166. 3,Justin McDaniel, Porum, Okla., 165. 4, R.C. Landingham, Pendleton, Ore., 163.  5, Jessy Davis, Power, Mont., 162. 6,  (tie) Winn Ratliff, Leesville, La., and Josi Young, Buhl, Idaho, 160. 8, Steven Peebles, Redmond, Ore., 159. 9,Seth Hardwick, Laramie, Wyo., 158. 10, (tie) Ty Breuer, Mandan, N.D., and Caleb Bennett, Morgan, Utah, 157.
Steer Wrestling:  First Round: 1, Curtis Cassidy, Donalda, Alb., 3.5 seconds. 2, Seth Brockman, Wheatland, Wyo., 3.6. 3, Billy Bugenig, Ferndale, Calif., 3.7. 4, Darrell Petry, Cheek, Texas, 3.8. 5, Charles Harris, Salinas, Calif., 3.9. 6, Wade Sumpter, Fowler, Colo., 4.0. Second Round:  1, Brad Johnson, Reva, S.D., 3.7. 2, Wade Sumpter, Fowler, Colo., 3.8. 3, K.C. Jones, Decatur, Texas, 3.9. 4, Beau Clark, Belgrade, Mont., 4.0. 5, (tie) Curtis Cassidy, Donalda, Alb., and Cody Cabral, Hilo, Hawaii, and Blake Knowles, Heppner, Ore., 4.2. Total on two:  1, Curtis Cassidy, Donalda, Alb., 7.7. 2,Wade Sumpter, Fowler, Colo., 7.8. 3, Charles Harris, Salinas, Calif., 8.0. 4, (tie) Beau Clark, Belgrade, Mont., and Seth Brockman, Wheatland, Wyo., 8.8. 6,  (tie) Clayton Moore, Pouce Coupe, British Columbia,and Trevor Knowles Mount Vernon, Ore., 9.0. 8, Tooter Silver, Quitman, Ark., 9.1. 9, Billy Bugenig, Ferndale, Calif., 9.2. 10, Sean Mulligan, Coleman, Okla., 9.3.

Team Roping:  First Round:  1, Kelson Robinson, Salina, Utah and Jade Anderson, Genola, Utah, 5.4 seconds. 2, Rhen Richard, Roosevelt, Utah, and Jeremy Buhler, Arrowwood, Alb., 5.5. 3, (tie) Landon McClaugherty, Tilden, Texas, and Caleb Twisselman, Santa Margarita, Calif., and David Key, Stephenville, Texas, and Kory Koontz, Sudan, Texas, 5.6 each. 4, Spencer Mitchell, Colusa, Calif., and Russell Cardoza, Terrebonne, Ore., 5.7. 5, (tie) B.J. Campbell, Aguila, Ariz., and Lane Siggins, Ruidoso Downs, N.M.; and Brandon Beers, Powell Butte, Ore., and Jim Ross Cooper, Monument, N.M.; Zayne Dishion, Bishop, Calif., and Derrick Peterson, Louisburg, Kan.; Rob and Dan Webb, Wendell, Idaho; and Jake Cooper, Monument, N.M., and Tyler McKnight, Wells, Texas; 5.8. Second Round:  1, Coleman Proctor, Miami, Okla., and Jake Long, Coffeyville, Kan., 4.4. 2,Tyler Wade, Terrell, Texas, and Kinney Harrell, Marshall, Texas, 4.5. 3,  Clay Tryan, Billings, Mont., and Jade Corkill, Fallon, Nev., 4.6. 4, Erich Rogers, Round Rock, Ariz., and Cory Petska, Marana, Ariz., 4.8. 5, Cale Markham, Vinita, Okla., and Chase Tryan, Helena, Mont., 5.0. 6, Seth Hall, Albuquerque, N.M., and Bruce Reidhead, Taylor, Ariz., 5.1. Total on two:  1, Rob and Dan Webb, Wendell, Idaho, 11.3. 2, Tom Richards, Humboldt, Ariz., and Monty Joe Petska, Turlock, Calif., 11.4. 3, Brandon Beers, Powell Butte, Ore., and Jim Ross Cooper, Monument, N.M., 11.8. 4, Calvin Brevik, Durango, Colo., and Wade Masters, Durango, Calif., 11.9.  5. Joshua and Jonathan Torres, Ocala, Fla., 12.3. 6, (tie), Landon McClaugherty, Tilden, Texas, and Caleb Twisselman, Santa Margarita, Calif.; and Garrett Tonnozzi, Fruita, Colo., and Cody Cowden, Atwater, Calif., 12.4; 8, (tie) Jade Stoddard, St. Anthony, Idaho, and Ike Folsom, Dillon, Mont.; Rhet Anderson, Anabella, Utah and Cole Wilson, Laek Shore, Utah; 12.6. 10, Colby Schneemann, Big Lake, Texas, and Jed Middleton, Lubbock, Texas, 12.7.
Saddle Bronc Riding:  First Round Winners: 1, Ryan MacKenzie, Jordan Valley, Ore., 83 points on Big Bend Rodeo’s Crash Gate, $3,399. 2, (tie) Chet Johnson, Sheridan, Wyo.; Bradley Harter, Weatherford, Texas; and Will Smith, Marshall, Mo.; 82 and $1,926 each. 5, Cody DeMoss, Heflin, La., 81, $793. 6, Bryce Miller, Nelson, Neb., 80, $586.  7 (tie), Jesse Wright, Milford, Utah; Jake Wright, Milford, Utah;  Spencer Wright, Milford, Utah; Joaquin Real, Woody, Calif., and Jacobs Crawley, College Station, 79 and $159 each. Second Round:  1, Jesse Wright, Milford, Utah, 85 points on Flying U’s Call Me. 2, Chad Ferley, Oelrichs, S.D., 84. 3, Allen Boore, Axtell, Utah, 81. 4, (tie) Sterling Crawley, Stephenville, Texas; Sam Spreadborough, Snyder, Texas; and. Bradley Harter, Weatherford, Texas, 80. Total on two:  1, Jesse Wright, Milford, Utah, 164. 2, Bradley Harter, Weatherford, Texas, 162. 3, Cody DeMoss, Heflin, La., 160. 4, Sterling Crawley, Stephenville, Texas, 157. 5, (tie), Bryce Miller, Nelson, Neb., and Jake Wright, Milford, Utah, 156 each. 7, Allen Boore, Axtell, Utah, 154. 8, (tie) Spencer Wright, Milford, Utah, and John Redig, Casper, Wyo., 152.
Tie-Down Roping:  First Round:  1, Marty Yates, Stephenville, Texas, 8.0 seconds. 2, J.C. Malone, Roy, Utah, 8.4. 3, Tyler Prcin, Alvord, Texas, 8.8. 4, (tie) Ace Slone, Cuero, Texas; Rowdy Haferkamp, Cuero, Texas, and Cameron Elston, Ramona, Calif., 8.9 each.  Second Round:  1, Adam Gray, Seymour, Texas, 7.5 seconds. 2, Matt Shiozawa, Chubbock, Idaho, 7.6. 3, Justin Macha, Needville, Texas, 8.1. 6, (tie) Cade Swor, Winnie, Texas and Ryan Thibodeaux, Stephenville, Texas, 8.4. Total on two: 1, Marty Yates, Stephenville, Texas, 17.2. 2, Cody Quaney, Cheney, Kan., 18.3. 3, Cade Swor, Winnie, Texas, 18.4. 4, Roger Nonella, Klamath Falls, Ore., 18.8. 5, Tyson Durfey, Colbert, Wash., 18.9. 6, Shane Hanchey, Sulphur, La., 19.5.7, Joseph Parsons, Marana, Ariz., 19.6. 8, (tie)  J.C. Malone, Roy, Utah, and Ace Slone, Cuero, Texas, 19.7. 10, Catfish Brown, Collinsville, Texas, 19.8.

Barrel Racing: First Round: 1, (tie) Kassidy Dennison, Tohatchi, N.M., and Christine Laughlin, Pueblo, Colo., 17.26 seconds each. 3, Ann Scott, Canyon Country, Calif., 17.28. 4, Pamela Capper, Cheney, Wash., 17.29. 5, Sherry Cervi, Marana, Ariz., 17.33. Second Round: 1, Michele McLeod, Whitesboro, Texas, 16.89. 2, Christine Laughlin, Pueblo, Colo., 17.02. 3, Sherry Cervi, Marana, Ariz., 17.03. 4, Carlee Pierce, Stephenville, Texas, 17.05. 5, Shelley Morgan, Canton, Texas, 17.08. 6, Fallon Taylor, Whitesboro, Texas, 17.19.  Total on two:  1,Christine Laughlin, Pueblo, Colo., 34.28. 2,  Sherry Cervi, Marana, Ariz., 34.36. 3, Michele McLeod, Whitesboro, Texas, 34.41. 4, Pamela Capper, Cheney, Wash., 34.51. 5, Megan McLeod, Star, Idaho, 34.54. 6, Shelley Morgan, Canton, Texas, 34.59. 7, Carley Richardson, Pampa, Texas, 34.64. 8, Kassidy Dennison, Tohatchi, N.M., 34.76. 9, Nancy Hunter, Neola, Utah, 34.79. 10, Ann Scott, Canyon Country, Calif., 34.95.

Bull Riding:  First Round:  1, Zeb Lanham, Sweet, Idaho, 85 points on Flying U Rodeo’s Deception. 2, Ty Pozzobon, Merritt, British Columbia, 84. 3, Shane Proctor, Grand Coulee, Wash., 83. 4, Corey Navarre, Weatherford, Okla., 81. 5 (tie), Dalton Votaw, Liberty, Texas; Bayle Worden, Charleston, Texas; Steve Woolsey, Payson, Utah, and Joe Frost, Randlett, Utah; 76. 9, Tyler Willis, Wheatland, Wyo., 75. 10, Sterling Ray Ward, Gardnerville, NEv., 74.

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