While Reno Rodeo ticket sales mean big revenues for the community overall, there are a lot of local suppliers who depend on the rodeo too. First there are the necessities at the rodeo, like hay. The animals there this year will go through 1,500 bales of it. And it's all supplied from local farmers.

And the Reno Rodeo couldn't even happen with veterinarians on site around-the-clock. The Comstock Equine Hospital donates its time. But they are there for all kinds of unforeseen health problems.

"Commonly we see sores on saddle horses or foot problems," says Dr. Joe Coli. "But sometimes we see more serious problems. Most of all we are here to give them health certificates so they can go from here to the next rodeo."

And then there are the niceties. Like every kind of food you can imagine. George Wolfe is from Ruby River.

"We'll go through 600-700 racks of ribs, 1,000 hamburgers and tons and tons of chicken," Wolfe says.

That takes daily deliveries of ice, beverages, and more food. But he says it is worth it.

"This is a great week for us and we do make money, but the Reno Rodeo family comes to see us all year long. So it's good marketing too."

There are 105 porta potties around the grounds this year. And 50 golf carts buzzing officials from here to there and back again.

"We have 50 carts out here," says Brian Miller with the Cart Barn. "That's a big chunk of our inventory. This is probably the second largest event we do every year. It's definitely a good one too."

Written by Erin Breen