In tonight's Money Watch Q & A, we will not only learn more about the “My Lease 2 Own” program for people serious about getting back into the housing market, we will also discuss home investment opportunities. Greg Hughes, of Hughes Private Capital, is our guest. Through Hughes Private Capital, investors are able to help purchase homes for qualified applicants to lease for up to five years, or until they are able to buy it themselves. How does this benefit the investor? Find out tonight. Greg will be taking your calls at (775) 858-2222 between 5-6 p.m.

"My Lease 2 Own" is designed for people who are unable to get financing today, as a result of experiencing or completing a short sale, foreclosure, a bankruptcy or for those who are just tired of renting and throwing money away. It allows time for your credit to be repaired, so you can once again get financing within the five-year lease period. After choosing a home, Hughes Private Capital investors will purchase it for you and set up a housing agreement. You may purchase your home at any time during the five-year period of your lease. There are no pre-payment penalties, no restrictions on when you can purchase and Mortgage Advisors are available to assist you. To learn more about leasing a home or potentially becoming an investor, watch tonight’s Money Watch Q & A segment.

You can also reach Greg at the contact information listed below:

5440 Louie Lane, Suite 106

(775) 297-4970

Written by Kristen Remington