The VA Sierra Nevada Healthcare System unveiled a new check-in kiosk system Friday which it hopes will help make treatment for veterans faster and easier than ever before.

"What we're showing today is their new check-in kiosks which really we see as an efficient tool that's going to speed up the check-in process for all of our clinics, including our off-site locations like for example Winnemucca, Fallon and Susanville," says Darin Farr.

VA officials say these new "vet link" kiosks will help streamline appointment check-ins and help make the overall process of getting treatment easier and faster. Using these touch screen kiosks, veterans seeking care can update contact information, check on or update their insurance information, check-in for appointments and more.

And while we were at the VA hospital, we wanted to talk to them about the recent call for resignation of the director of the Veterans Benefits Administration here in Reno.


Farr wants to make it clear that the Veterans Benefits Office and the Veterans Hospital are two separate things - and while the Benefits Office is coming under fire, the hospital is operating as normal. "The recent news coverage has brought some concern to our patients and I want to reassure them that none of the recent news involving either Senator Heller's statement or the inspector generals report it has nothing to do with the hospital."

We will continue to follow this situation as it develops and bring you any updates to this story.