Voters had the choice of eight Democratic candidates for Nevada Governor during Tuesday's Primary Election. They also had the option of voting for 'none of these candidates.' And 'none of these candidates' beat out all of the actual candidates on the ballot. We are the only state in the country that offers that option and we've had it since 1975.

Voters say they like having it as an option. But Tuesday 30% of the voters chose it. So, what does that say for the Democratic Party here?

Political Science Professor Fred Lokken from TMCC says it's a huge protest vote against the party.

"It's kind of a slap back," Lokken says. "It's asking 'where were you? Where were you with your recruiting process and with the fundraising and with vetting candidates so that I would have a vibrant choice in the fall race against a sitting Republican Governor?' In a lot of ways it says as a party you have failed me."

We contacted the Washoe County Democratic Party today but they declined an interview saying it was a non-story. We also contacted the State Democratic Party and the candidate who will be on the ballot, Robert Goodman of Las Vegas, however, we got no return calls from any of them.

"I think it is extremely embarrassing," Lokken said. "To have 30% of those voting in the race vote against your candidates sends a strong message back to the party. And that's something they are probably digesting today."

Written by Erin Breen