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Lemmon Valley Teen to Compete in National Junior High Rodeo

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The Reno Rodeo will soon be in town inspiring dreams in young Northern Nevadans of one day becoming professional cowboys. We met one twelve-year-old who is well on his way to making it happen - despite a medical diagnosis that should have made that impossible.

Roping  - that's what 12-year-old Cason Webb is best at. "A couple of years ago, I wasn't ropin' that good. I was better at break away than ropin'. Then a year and a half ago I was just ropin', ropin', ropin' -  now I came second in the state."

Second in the state for Junior High Rodeo, Cason spends two and a half hours a day at the family ranch in Lemmon Valley roping. He admits not everyone his age understands why he's so crazy about it. "It's actually really fun, you can make a lot of money doing it, too if you go pro."

Clever and smart, Cason is finishing seventh grade with straight A's. And, like most moms Beth Webb is proud - and she says grateful to God - because when Cason was only five months old he was diagnosed with heart disease. "Pretty much what I was told that if he survived the first year it would be a miracle...and I can remember them saying, 'he's not going to make it past four, eight, twelve' and they kept on saying that."

In a few months Cason will turn 13  - and doctors can't explain it, but over time his heart condition began to improve. It's now about 75% healed.
"And his heart functions now just fine. It's not the right shape, and it leaks, but it functions just like it's supposed to."

Yes, the Webbs believe in miracles. 

They also believe in hard work. And neither Cason or Beth let worries about health complications get in the way. "If you love it - like if you were playing football and you liked that, are you gonna quit? No. If you like rodeo are you gonna quit? No. It's just something...it's a passion."

Cason will travel to Des Moines, Iowa next week to compete at the National Junior High Rodeo.

Written by Andi Guevera
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