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Meeting Held in Dayton on Highway 50 Safety

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Safety is a big concern in Dayton, and residents have been trying to improve conditions on U.S. 50.

On Thursday, Lyon County Commissioner Bob Hastings hosted a meeting so residents could discuss the issue with the Nevada Department of Transportation.

"I have to go to work every morning and go to college as well," said Dominic Olivieri. "Everytime, it's like Russian Roulette right there at the highway."

Residents are concerned about a portion of Dayton that have seen its fair share of accidents.

"We've had a few deaths and injury accidents on the highway," Hastings said. "It's to the point that we need something done."

One of the areas is off of the Smith's shopping center where people told us it's difficult to turn left without waiting for a significant amount of time. They've seen some people get impatient and then get T-boned by another vehicle.

Another area of interest is the Fortune Drive intersection where county officials and residents have said a stoplight is needed.

"We've been wanting a light out here for a very long time," said Cindy Olivieri. "We came out (to the meeting) to see if, finally, something is going to be done here in Dayton because we've had so many accidents."

Construction has started in other parts of the county, but Hastings said Dayton has been ignored. NDOT told us they are working on certain projects at a time, like widening the road in the Mound House area.

"A new intersection configuration at State Route 341," said Steve Bird, NDOT Senior Road Design Engineer. "Similar treatment at Flint Drive, which is the road to the dump. We'll also be constructing concrete barrier rail from Flint Drive to Drako Way."

Currently, there are no plans to immediately address the concerns in Dayton from Flowery Avenue to Fortune Drive. Even though the parts for the stoplight at Fortune are paid for, Hastings says it can't be put in.

"We have at least a piece of the solution here ready to go," he said. "Already paid for, infrastructure in, and we're being told no."

NDOT says the intersection does not meet federal traffic safety standards at this time.

They do provide a good indication of safety benefits, and the reduction in congestion benefits by following these criteria," said Ismael Garza, NDOT Assistant Chief Traffic Operations Engineer.

NDOT says the Fortune Drive intersection will continue to be monitored. Currently, some potential plans down the road for U.S. 50 in the Dayton area is to widen the road, and to raise the median islands.
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