The list of candidates running for Sparks Mayor is significantly shorter than the list of 18 in Reno. In fact, in Sparks, there are just three candidates on the list.

Incumbent Geno Martini has been mayor of the Rail City since 2005. He's seen the city through both good times and bad.

"The first few years were great," Martini says. "The money was flowing and it was easy to get things done. But these last few years have been tough. I mean laying off 35% of the employees for the City was a hard thing to do since we are all friends. But it was hard for those left here at the City too. But it had to be done to bring things into line."

Martini says that the Legends at Sparks Marina is finally filling up and making money. Much of that was through STAR Bonds that cost the city revenue for five years. But Martini says it was the right thing to do at the time.

"No one knew what the economy was going to do and if we hadn't brought in businesses that would just be one bit pit out there. And in time that will pay off for us. In the future I think we'd still look for tax incentives but instead of 75% cuts I think we'd adjust it to 50 or 25 or even 30% instead."

Albert Bonk says he's never run for any office before but that he's a true believer in Jesus Christ and that he put it God's hands and God said he should run and see what happens.

"I know that may sound crazy but I feel I'm the right one to bring new leadership to the city," Bonk says.

Bonk has been a computer technician at UNR for ten years now. And he says just like when he's fixing a computer, sometimes a fresh pair of eyes on the situation sees things those staring at it have missed.

"I think we need more parking downtown and better lighting for safety there too," he said.

And this the third time Gene Newhall has run for Sparks Mayor.

"I want to make veterans a top priority and I think we should build a memorial to them at the Marina and I would honor a new veteran every month and give them a key to the city and the whole ball of wax. I would also set up a fund to help them pay their rent. And I want to give back 10-15% of my salary to the city and think we need to invest in an air pump for the marina to keep the fish alive and maybe even put in fountains with lights for a light show at night," Newhall says.

The primary election is next Tuesday, June 10th.

Written by Erin Breen