Four of the five candidates for Washoe County Sheriff participated in their first debate today.

The four candidates fielded questions from the group Washoe Republican Women Wednesday morning in Reno.

The topics ranged from solar panels on the jail, and jail reform to gun control which is shaping up to be one of the biggest issues in this race. We asked them-- which issues are the most important and where will their priorities lie if they get elected.

"A lot of questions regarding the Second Amendment seem to be the most pressing that I'm receiving. I'm a conservative. I don't want to support or endorse any legislation that would infringe upon anyone's rights," says Chuck Allen.

James Beltron says, "The gun issue, the Second Amendment, and although I don't believe there will ever be an attack on the Second Amendment, as for physically taking them. I believe there will be further regulation."

"We have controls in the unincorporated areas of the city where the crime rate is down right now. We're also under budget. So we have a lot of good things going on at the sheriff's office and I want to continue those going forward," says Tim Kuzanek.

"My biggest platform point probably, is community oriented policing. I want to get back the community liaison officers who work closer in the community, and I want to get much closer with the citizens and identify problems," says Jim Lopey.

The fifth candidate for Washoe County Sheriff is David Butko. We reached out to him to see why he didn't participate in the event today. He says he wasn't invited because he is not a registered Republican. However, sheriff is a non-partisan office. We did call the Washoe Republican Women for comment on that, but we haven't heard back yet.

Written by Arianna Bennett