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Fernley Man In Battle With School Over Use of Road

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A Fernley resident has been battling with a local school over the use of a road that is now split down the middle by a fence.

"From the city's perspective, it's not a city road," said Chris Good, Fernley City Manager. "It's a privately-owned road. So, from city hall, it's really a difference of opinion between the school district and the private property owner. In this particular instance, it's a privately-owned road. It has never been accepted by the city, and the city doesn't maintain it."

Kevin Evanoff is an 18-year resident off of Farm District Road. He lives across from East Valley Elementary School. Since it was built in 2006, he says he's had problems with people parking on his property when they're picking up or dropping off their kids.

Last month, Evanoff painted "No Parking" on his side of the road, and he said that didn't stop people from coming through and parking.

"Most of the parents are decent, but you get these parents who sit there and cuss at you, and yell at you and everything else," he said. "It's like, all I'm trying to do is protect my rights."

So this last weekend, he put up a makeshift fence along the road.

"Saturday, I went out and put the fence up, and it's like, now, everybody's upset with me."

Parents are now being asked to drop off and pick up their kids behind the school off of Wedge Lane, which makes for a longer walk.

"This is a ridiculous thing that these poor children have to go through," said Rosemary Ibanez, who was picking up her granddaughter. "Especially today, on this rainy, wet day."

Evanoff said he's seen people smoking over by his property, and he's afraid that could start a fire. He's also afraid if someone hurts themselves on his property, he could be held liable.

"I'm the one who pays the property tax for this half of the road," he said. "I'm the one who pays the insurance on this half of the road."

The Lyon County School District says they've been working with him on the issue for the last several years.

"It's private property, but the easement with it has been it's a public access easement," said Wayne Workman, Deputy Superintendent for the county. "What our attorney has helped us understand is that by virtue of being public access easement, it voids him, or negates him, from any liability whatsoever."

Evanoff says he suggested selling off parts of his land, but district officials say they can't afford it.

"I tried to sell the bottom-half of my property, four acres, to the school, so that they would have an area for a parking lot, but they weren't interested."

"We just said, 'look, we are not in a position that we can purchase your entire estate," Workman said. "At that point, he said, 'well, there's no reason for us to meet.'"

Now, there's been an injunction served for Evanoff to take the fence down.

"We hope that this injunction doesn't go into effect and that requires him to remove the fence," Workman said. "We are still always open to having a conversation with the gentleman. So that we can come to a more permanent solution."
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