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Property Owners Responsible for Removing Invasive Weeds

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Now is the time to take care of invasive weeds which, left un-checked, can turn into a major headache, create fire hazards and get you in trouble with authorities. Landowners are responsible for removing noxious or invasive weeds from their property. University of Nevada Cooperative Extension worker Susan Donaldson says this is the best time to tackle weeds. "We want people to learn to recognize them early, understand the problems associated with them and take the right action," said Donaldson.

Northern Nevada is home to the Poison Hemlock plant, which is poisonous to people and animals. This time of year it's still small and can be dug out with a shovel. Donaldson says it looks something like a carrot plant and even has a tuber for a root, but don't eat it. She says it's one of the most toxic plants in North America.

Another invasive weed is Tall White Top which takes over yards and pastures. The invasive weed crowds out good vegetation and it very hard to get rid of. "Tall White Top has creeping roots and when left in the ground after pulling, they grow more plants," said Donaldson. She says the best way to spot it is to find last year's dead vegetation and flower heads. Donaldson showed us the base of the plants, which are growing new leaves.

Tiny weeds may look harmless now, but they grow quickly. "We want homeowners to learn to get these plants before they produce seeds and become next year's problem," Donaldson explained.

Property owners are responsible for removing noxious weeds. But there is help available.

If you find a weed you don't recognize, or don't know how to get rid of, the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension can help you. Just give them a call at (775) 784-4848.

Written by Jennifer Burton

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