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Commercial Recycling Program Expands in Reno

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It's part of a nationwide trend... more businesses are jumping on board the "green train." As Ryan Pinjuv of Green Solutions Recycling told us, "Many of them have an overall corporate goal to ‘greenify' their business. Its good marketing and it makes sense. Nowadays it's very popular."

Nevada Recycling and Salvage just partnered with Green Solutions Recycling and a collection company called Rubbish Runners to recycle all the cardboard, metal, plastic and paper they can from businesses. Their new single-stream effort that began today (Thursday) hopes to dramatically increase recycling, and reduce the amount of waste being dumped in landfills. It's an expensive investment…partner AnneMarie Carey told us the project cost "several million dollars. And we won't recoup that obviously for several years."

There's one major difference, and incentive with this program compared to Waste Management's. This new program pays the businesses for their recyclables, and sells them to commodity brokers. How much will they pay a business back for their trash? Pinjuv told us "Each material is different. We have $40 a ton for cardboard, that's what we'll pay back to the business. What we salvage goes to commodity brokers, so there's a market for selling this type of material."

Inside the recycling center on Telegraph Street in Reno, bulldozers separate the piles of trash delivered by truck. Above the noise, Rick Lake of Nevada Recycling and Salvage shouted, "Here's where we do the hard sort, separate the C and D from the industrial waste." C and D stands for construction and demolition waste. What can be reused is all pushed onto a conveyer belt, where it goes up another level. Up there, 6 sorters on the line pick out the goods....dropping any glass and other salvageables into the bins below. All the cardboard goes to another conveyer. There, Lake showed us where, "all the cardboard is going to be fed into our new baler. That will bale up to 36 bales an hour!"

After all the sorting, a pile of concrete and wood branches was the only trash left over that was headed to the landfill. There's less to take…this crew has now reduced what they send to the landfill by more than half. Their goal is even more. The more they recover, the more they...and the businesses they recycle from, cash in.

-Written by John Potter

If your business is interested in joining in and getting a little more back from your recyclables, click the link below:

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