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Local Author Teaches Through Analogies

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"A teacher is to a school... as a doctor is to..."

Jan Zebrack shows a different way to learn about the world through analogies - a trick she picked up after 25 years in front of kindergarten classrooms.

You could say her book... "Analogies for Kids" is to her... what a thesis is to a researcher.

"I started thinking in the morning when I'd first wake up about analogies, and then I'd go to sleep at night thinking about analogies...They're sort of a test, to see if a child or student understands a concept."

Inside she shows different elements of education like culture and math by showing their relationships to each other.

"Sticks are to a drum... as a bow is to..."

She sets up the relationship... and then has the child fill in the blanks.

"This country is located in Asia, and starts with a C..."

"Any child can look at the pictures and with the help of the hint, can usually figure out the answer. And then they feel so good about themselves that they figured this out."

Zebrack says she got her inspiration from teaching, but also from the community around her. Many of the photos in the book are taken by... or of... Northern Nevadans.

It's a community she loves... And so she decided to donate 100% of the book proceeds to the Children's Miracle Network, through Renown Regional Medical Center.

"This is my way of saying thank you Reno for all you've done for me and my family."

Because her big thank you came from her students.

"'With love... your student.' And so that's why I went into education."

You can buy a copy of Zebrack's book online by clicking here: www.analogiesforkids.com/

She will also be holding a book signing on May 11 at the Great Basin Food Co-Op that goes from 1 to 3 pm. You can pick up your copy on sale there as well. All proceeds from book sales benefit the Children's Miracle Network.

Written by Arianna Bennett

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