The Zephyr Cove couple who filed a lawsuit against the Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority and Pyro Spectaculars North (of California) say they have reached a settlement, allowing the fireworks shows to continue.

The settlement includes increased local agency oversight of the post-show cleanup of fireworks debris and a hot-line for residents to contact if they see fireworks debris from the shows that needs to be cleaned up.

The LTVA said they would put an end to the Fourth of July fireworks if the lawsuit was not settled by Friday.

The lawsuit was filed last year by Joe and Joan Truxler who claimed spent fireworks were polluting Lake Tahoe. Specifically, they claim the defendants violated the Clean Water Act due to not getting a special permit for the fireworks.

The LTVA says the lawsuit could have meant up to $70-million in penalties along with lawyer fees. They say that was an amount they could not risk.