In tonight's Places 2 Check Out, we take you inside a restaurant, which opened a second location in the fall.

Le Crepe Cafe's newest location is at 170 South Virginia Street in downtown Reno.

The family owned restaurant first opened in Meadowood Mall about four years ago, and then expanded to this new location this fall.

The owner says the extra space means they can be a little more creative. "We offer a little bit more variety here because we have more room to work with so we get to experiment a little bit more we specialize in sweet and savory crepes," says Isaac Avendano.

The menu includes savory offerings like their homemade pesto chicken and mozzarella and tomato, but also sweeter varieties like the peanutella crepe, with nutella and peanut butter.

"There are dessert crepes, you can eat them as a snack, you can eat them as a full lunch or dinner, we offer a variety of different crepes for you to try, and I think they'll be very surprised at how good they are."

Avendano says his sister-in-law moved to Paris after college and lived there for three years. She would go to the same crepe place day-after-day and eventually the owner gave her the recipe, so it's really authentic.

Le Crepe Cafe is located on the east side of Virginia, just south of the Pioneer Center.

They're open from 6am until 7pm Monday through Friday, Saturday from 8am to 7pm, and Sunday from 9am to 4pm.