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Reno's Big Business from Italy: MB America

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You may be surprised to learn that northern Nevada is home to the world leader in demolition and recycling equipment. It comes in the form of a crushing, smashing, pulverizing machine…a large bucket at the end of an excavator that squashes and crumbles anything you put in it. It's made to crunch boulders into pebbles and dirt to be used again. For contractors, the big boulders they used to send to the landfill are now ready to be used again.

Yelling over the roar of the hulking monster behind him, MB America's regional sales manager Bret Youngblood told us, "They will use what comes out of that machine for the base of highways. The construction companies, they will dig up an old highway, then crush it and re-lay it."

It's a loud, dusty corporate gem. Reno is home to a world leading producer of earth moving and crushing machines...a recent claim to fame for us. It was 4 years ago when MB America set up shop here, yet another newcomer that "crushes" that old image of what Reno is. Before he chose Reno for his U.S. base of operations from Italy, MB America CEO Miriano Ravazzolo told me all he know of Reno was "Divorces! That's what you were known for, not just in Italy but all over Europe."

And that's really all he knew, from Italy. Why did he pick Reno? "Your business climate…you have little bureaucracy, and taxes are pretty good." Since he wanted a home base where they could sell this rock wrecking machine all over the U.S., Regional Sales Manager Bret Youngblood added, "Shipping for us, distribution-wise...Reno is a great location." Selling this earth moving giant pays a good wage. Bret says he makes close to $100,000 a year.

Picking this location was a process that took years. Reno finally won out over southern California, Texas and New York. Reno crushed them all…and this company owns the rock-pulverizing market. Youngblood told me, "We're currently now about 95% of the United States market with our product." So, they're really the kings of all crusher buckets? "Without a doubt, without a doubt." The company also has a foothold in the fast-growing business of construction recycling.

After four years here, they say Reno's a keeper. But the biggest payoff is yet to come. They make these crushing machines in Italy, but that's about to change. CEO Ravazzolo told me, "We are planning to start producing in the next two to three years, as soon as we get traction with the market we'll start producing here. We didn't invent the mousetrap, but this is actually a better mousetrap." More like a big, hulking crushing mousetrap.

-written by John Potter

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