You certainly could call it bottling success. Great Basin Brewery Co. will bottle it's 1 millionth bottle of beer after its investment in a new bottling machine just last year.

"This machine, the GAI 3005 Bier, is a big part of our success," says Brewmaster Michael Tona. "It really has made it vastly easier to move beer through the system and get it bottled for shipping."

Today's brew was Wild Horse.

"Our millionth bottle will be of Wild Horse," Tona says. "And we'll probably pass that over to our owner Tom, because he might want to hang onto it, or drink it."

"This is a proud day for us," owner Tom Young says. "I mean we always expect to see success but we thought it would take us about year to hit a million bottles and we did it ten months."

The bottles are now in stores across Nevada and California and they employ more than 160 employees. And they aren't slowing down a bit.

"We hope to hit our second millionth even faster than we hit the first," says Tona.

Written by Erin Breen