In tonight's Places 2 Check Out, we take you inside a restaurant inside the Eldorado that is now called Millie's 24.

The space that was Tivoli Gardens reopened as Millie's in December.

Millie was a matriarch of the Carano family, which owns the Eldorado. She enjoyed making and eating desserts, and much of the sweets on the menu were inspired by her, like the vanilla gelato covered in hot fudge and chocolate chunk cookies.

They even sell whole cakes! "I've been trying for 25 years to be Reno's place to buy cakes of celebration: birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, wedding cakes... We do it all right here at Millie's," says Gregg Carano.

Along with desserts they also serve breakfast like Eggs Benedict and omelettes.

There's even a dish named after Gregg Carano's nickname, which is Jorge.

"It's a green corn tamale, a cheese and onion enchilada and a beef taco with a little sopapilla....ho haha! Only at Millie's 24."

Carano says Millie's is also equipped with plenty of TV's where people can come and relax and enjoy a game.

Millie's 24 is located inside the Eldorado in downtown Reno, and as the name implies is open all hours of the day.